Become a member

Becoming a member of the FEDAM gives lots of advantages for stores in Luxembourg in the furnishing sector:

  • You can be a part of the network of professionals in the furnishing sector in Luxembourg
  • You can showcase your brand on the FEDAM website
  • You can take part in the Miwwefestival and its wide-scale media campaign at the national level (example: Miwwel zu Letzebuerg. Mäi choix !)
  • You can participate in the 2 furniture trade fairs at special member prices
  • And so on

Note that by joining the FEDAM, you’ll also be a member of the CLC (Confédération Luxembourgeoise du, our central managerial organization that takes care of managing our federation, and which is also more broadly involved in promoting the interests of the trade sector in Luxembourg. You’ll also enjoy all the advantages of the CLC (networking, forums, etc.) as a member.

For further information and to find out about membership fees for the FEDAM/CLC and to get our membership form, please follow